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Powered by WhatsApp Business API

Grow your Shopify
business with WhatsApp

All your WhatsApp needs in one place.
Marketing, live chat support and chatbots.

No Setup Fee &
Free Onboarding Support

BotYourIdea uses WhatsApp Cloud API to power the communications. To use the WhatsApp Cloud API, you have to create Meta Developer and WhatsApp Business account. Be sure that we consult and help you while connecting to WhatsApp.

Automate Response to Repetitive Questions

Answer your customers' questions 24/7 with a WhatsApp chatbot. Integrate your logistics partner API to answer, Where is my order?

3rd Party API (5).png

Send Bulk Messages
With Actionable Analytics

Segment your audience, personalize your messages, use a clear call to action and track your results to increase product sales, customer engagement, and generate qualified leads. Use Delivered, Read, and Replied data to track. 

Upsell, Cross Sell, Increase LTV

Convert Abandoned Orders into Sales 

Automated communication alerts, such as abandoned cart notifications, can double your sales. Recover abandoned carts with WhatsApp Web or Desktop app, for free!

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Real Time Colloboration with WhatsApp Inbox 

Get live chat support right from your browser, using the same WhatsApp business number you already know and love. It's super easy to use, just like texting on WhatsApp.

Turn inquires into sales 


Green Tick Mark

Want to show your customers that you're a notable business? Get the verified green tick mark from WhatsApp! BotYourIdea can help you get verified and stand out from the competition.

Get ready to engage your customer with our WhatsApp workflow solutions

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