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WhatsApp ChatGPT Integration

Integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp can bring a new level of messaging experience. With this integration, you can use the power of ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities to respond to your queries on WhatsApp.

To begin, you will need to have a account and a OpenAI API account. Signup to, choose chatGPT template and add the openAI bearer token in the textbox as highlighted in the image.

OpenAI API limitation 18$ credit is provided for the users signing up with business email addresses. The trial period is 3 months to consume the credit. API charges are based on the number of tokens generated for the queries. Max_Token in the API body will limit the number of tokens generated for the query. The most powerful model Davinci is priced at $0.0200 per  1K tokens. You can think of tokens as pieces of words, where 1,000 tokens is about 750 words.

WhatsApp Cloud API Integration

BotYourIdea uses WhatsApp cloud api to send and receive messages. All you need is a mobile number to enable the communication. You can also purchase a number from Twilio and use the same to set the WhatsApp cloud api account. A step by step guide for setting the WhatsApp cloud api account is available in the integration section of the

WhatsApp Pricing

The first 1,000 conversations each month are free. Conversation lasts for 24 hours, so approximately 30 users can query the same number for 30 days for free. Fee is applied only for ChatGPT consumption.


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